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I hear ya lopos2000, (well read/ya!)

the idea of any forum / bbs system is assist and nurture a community and NOT to PROFIT from it..

some what reminisent of a wolf in sheeps clothing... find a click and expliot it... hmmm companys have been doing that for years but it hurts more when "one of your own" does it to you...

truth is though an item is only worth what another is willing to pay.... so while there are those that are either lazy or dont care there will be those catering *making a profit by juicing up the prices* as its going to happen anywhere it not a worry ...

BUT it really *and i mean REALLY* pisses me off when they profit from the miss-informed or the partially knowledgable!!!!!!! (taking people for a ride basicly)

It Sux when the primary reason to be in a community is to exploit it, hmmm where does that leave one for membership...????

(but heres a thought)

If i was at a High end golf club and i tried to SCAM another member.... i would probly have my membership removed and my name banned and or listed and or in the very least FINED.

If i was in classic car club and tried to scam other members i would be ousted from the club and branded and probly not be able to trade under my name for quiet some time....

If i was at my LAN club and cheated at everygame... i would be BANNED!!!!!!

someone trying to scam this EAB community.... should really consider where they stand...

I feel for toooo long the amigan community as a whole has kinda just taken it lying down... from commodore, amiga inc (grr say i) but more so from companys and sole peoples thinking that they can charge 24ct gold prices for tinfoil product...

these types of people demean the communitys most beautiful things that have been created like Aminet, HOL, Amigan communitys...

sigh........ better stop now... but i tell you fellow Amigans... come the revolution!!!!!!
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