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If she likes jump&run games maybe Zool (1 or 2) could be interesting, too.
You could also try sportsgames (great courts 2 for example allows playing as a woman and I think it was a quite easy game if you found out how to play it )

I remember my sister liked "bubble bobble" and "pinball dreams" best, but also played Kick Off 2, Summer Games, Lotus 1-3, Ports of Call (well, maybe a bit hard for a 6 yo), IK+, Pinball Fantasies, Eishockey Manager and Bundesliga Manager Professional (both German games, so probably not interesting for her), Pacman and Tetris.
(Generally she mostly played games that allowed at least 2 players, as my brother was in charge of the Amiga 500 at that time and she didn't get the chance to play alone very often )
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