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Big grin Pymgicons pack 3 soon available on aminet

The 3rd Pygmicons volume have been upload on aminet.

I think it's the last package so i hope you'll enjoy them

RCK is totally allowed to put them on his website
(edit: done >


This package contains icons for demos/games installed with JST, WHDLoad and ScummVM but also for demos/games not fix yet or simply system's demo/game.

They're in several formats and thus collection is split into several
archives :
- NewIcons (PygmIconsNI_xx)
- NewIcons_xtd (PygmIconsNX_xx)
- Glow/coloricon (PygmIconsGL_xx)

All NewIcons are not available in Glow form and it's also true on the other side. NewIcons are in 90x90 pixels, GlowIcons in 120x96 pixels.

NI_xtd icons are direct conversion of glow/coloricon and were possible
using the marvellous Convert35Icons by Rafal Mania. They often use less
color than original Glow version due to NewIcon restrictions but it also
means you can have nice icons larger than 93x93 even on system lower than 3.5 !


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