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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Angry Ramble, Rant and E bay p*ssed me off!!!

Sorry guys i was touring ebay for nostalgic memories and then ... KAPAM!!!! Ass*oles ripping peeps off... Soooo this is my rambling bit of the day...

(*the bit where i moan and whinge like a married woman*)

too much coffee or not enough... i will let you be the judge...

A1200 with 3.1 roms.... want £110 buy now huh....
like the deal.... this guy can blow me (robbing honest Amigans Grrr!!!!).
OoOoOOoo RARE loook... (my ass!!!)
Console!!!! F*cking CONSOLE!!!!!!!!

if the seller and i meet up... he is SOOooooooooo Alt+Ctrl and Deleted!!!!!!
call my miggy a fecking games console!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this dude/dudette uses his computers to create a garden rockery..
yeah i wanna buy 'em... tell me was that grass freshly cut????????
i would like to point out i ma pretty handy with water transfers too
uhuh... yep there rare alright... only 2 people in the world would want them
but thats them CD32's for you... as for the pens well....
Sooo thats where it got too... i was looking for that..........
I wonder if pen tops goto ebay too... (maybe i shouldn`t ask)

and the last one of the bunch (coz i couldn`t be bothered to click next anymore )
and after you read the descripto--- remember... illegal emulators are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!
l8rs Z
(Moaning 99% complete @11:33am)
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