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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Angry Ramble, Rant and E bay p*ssed me off!!!

Sorry guys i was touring ebay for nostalgic memories and then ... KAPAM!!!! Ass*oles ripping peeps off... Soooo this is my rambling bit of the day...

(*the bit where i moan and whinge like a married woman*)

too much coffee or not enough... i will let you be the judge...

A1200 with 3.1 roms.... want 110 buy now huh....
like the deal.... this guy can blow me (robbing honest Amigans Grrr!!!!).
OoOoOOoo RARE loook... (my ass!!!)
Console!!!! F*cking CONSOLE!!!!!!!!

if the seller and i meet up... he is SOOooooooooo Alt+Ctrl and Deleted!!!!!!
call my miggy a fecking games console!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this dude/dudette uses his computers to create a garden rockery..
yeah i wanna buy 'em... tell me was that grass freshly cut????????
i would like to point out i ma pretty handy with water transfers too
uhuh... yep there rare alright... only 2 people in the world would want them
but thats them CD32's for you... as for the pens well....
Sooo thats where it got too... i was looking for that..........
I wonder if pen tops goto ebay too... (maybe i shouldn`t ask)

and the last one of the bunch (coz i couldn`t be bothered to click next anymore )
and after you read the descripto--- remember... illegal emulators are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!
l8rs Z
(Moaning 99% complete @11:33am)
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