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Originally Posted by alexh
There is no money making a 16-bit Direct2TV system really due to the size of the games (~1mbyte). The base system would end up costing too much.
Don't write it off so quickly- mask ROM/flash RAM in sizes around 32 megs is pretty damn cheap, and that would be adequate for maybe 4 or 5 games. I'd worry more about the FPGA space needed to stick a full-on 1200(or even 500) in there. Given the massive production runs something like this would go through, the end price would be (at worst) not much more than doubled.

The key to producing new Amiga hardware is to treat it like a games machine and use as few modern components as possible- after all, 99% of the games out there really don't need an 060 or modern RAM or PCI slots. If cloning a Genesis has been done and done cheaply, then cloning an Amiga can't be far behind.
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