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Nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to buy the magazine. Just like nobody could stop you going into a store and reading that article then walking out without buying it. (Assuming of course you can wait a few months then find the magazine in the shops).

You chose to start this topic with nothing but "bait" about Robocod. You could have said that the article was really about 2 pages expanded to fill 4, with huge amounts of whitespace and barely mentioning any technical details about the game. I thought for a "making of" article it was poor.

And just because it's printed on high quality paper doesn't mean it ain't a rag. I would rather have decent content on a fish'n'chips-style bound black and white Zzap from 1985 than a "fancy" mag full of articles like that Robocod one...

As for RCK being worried about hosting the file on EAB, there is no reason the file couldn't be hosted on any old website. There's nothing wrong with hosting a LINK to a file afterall. I'd happily upload those scans for anyone else that missed it and wants to read the article...

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