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Originally Posted by Shrub
All I can say to that is "ouch".

I gather this has been asked now and again, but how come there aren't any fast Megadrive emulators for 680X0 Amigas? Most of the commands in the 68000 are present in the 68020 and upwards and surely it won't require much CPU to emulate the missing commands, should it? And the Z80 or 81 or whatever the Megadrive uses for sound can be dummied, can't it, or are Megadrive games dependent on that chip to work?
It's not the CPU that's the bottleneck - it would be emulation of a tile-based video chip that can display 64 independent colors at once without raster routines, with several different layers of tiles (I believe four), and a shadow/highlight mode (of which the Amiga could only handle the shadow in hardware, with EHB).. OCS and ECS wouldn't be sufficient, and AGA would be slow as hell, especially given the planar nature of Amiga graphics, versus the semi-chunky Genesis graphics (each nybble contains one color index).
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