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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
I'm about to give up emulating SNES, Megadrive etc. or using MAME on Amiga. It's just too slow and PC has better eumlators anyway. But i'll still emulate C-64 because i like MagiC64 .
Agreed. I`m a registered user of MAGIC64 for years. But since that there is only support for the games with a standart kernal loader, it`s useless for me.
When you try to run a game with a iffl or other fast loaders inside , you have no chance with MAGIC64. Because it has no support for such things.

Also the SID emulation is very slow in some parts. Even on my 060 / 64MB.
Also digi speech and samples will not work on it.

Magic64 uses the playsid library for the SID emulation. The playsid lib is fantastic. But combined with the emulator, it has some really nasty slowdowns sometimes.

But Magic64 is still the best C64 emulator for the classic AMIGA for ages now.
And I think that there will be no other new c64 emu for the classic AMIGA.

Michael Kramer the developer, had stoped working for it years ago.

The number one c64 emu for me is of course CCS64.

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