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Hi guys!

Well... Hmmm... I received mine a few days ago, and I wouldn't say that I'm fully happy with it .

I wouldn't say that you shouldn't buy it but I certainly have some concerns that this wasn't my best 100Eur (+p&p).

(Well, better say, my expectations just didn't meet reality =) ; either my expectations were too high, or, hmm, the card isn't not just what it should be; you decide).

Primarily, I bought the card because I'm a SID fan. ...Well, the digital interface may be as good as it was promised, but I'm pretty disappointed by the analog "circuitry", as it has high "digital" noise floor. Besides that, as I see (and I may be wrong, but so far I've seen this) the SIDs are statically routed to the left and right channels of the stereo output -- one to left, and one to the right. ...Anyone, with high SID addiction factor ;-) will tell you that he'd buy such cards (with more than one SID sockets) because of the ability to listen to tunes on the originally intented type of SID chips, and won't (or if so, very rarely) bother listening to "special" stereo SID files. The third, the filters sound pretty strange, probably because the used capacitors used are pretty different to the original caps in the C64 (won't be critical in any other cases, but in the subject of this pretty nonlinear SID filter circuitry, it is).

...So, hmmm... I won't return the card, but I'm also not that convicted... Heh... I won't have bought a HardSid, because that's not perfect, but as I see, I'm not any further with the Catweasel either. :-(
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