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Originally Posted by alexh
As a hardware engineer, I did think of starting an open source Amiga hardware project. Re-creating the Amiga chips in synthesisable VHDL that could be synthesised into FPGA's.

I got as far as converting the A500 PCB into a VHDL schematic top-level. Created a working 68000 synthesisable core and then gave up.

It's a lot of work and there are not enough hardware engineers interested in this kind of thing.

Although the C64 direct-2-tv thing did make a nice tidy sum of money... but they did have licenses.

Mick Tinker, the Boxer creator was supposed to have created an AGA chipset in VHDL for FPGA's for the Boxer, making improvements towards AAA. However I doubt that work will ever become available... which is a great loss... so many man hours
hmm any chance of you being able to use your designing skills to design some new amiga hardware if 1000 of us got together and put in $1000USD each?!
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