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1994 Amiga Hall of Fame Nominations

After EAB turmoil, after many flame wars and even after RCK's sick psychological experiment of running the forum with Mods, it’s finally here.

(Queue fanfare and fireworks)

IT’S...... the how on earth did he drag this out for over a year now 1994 Amiga Hall of Fame Nominations

(Music fades)

And I'm your host, Freaky.

Just a quick recap of what you need to do, this may after all be the first time you have nominated.

You must know the rules by now, you are limited to nominating 10 only, any more and I just forget to read them. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down to ten then take a look to see if any on your list have already been nominated. It could save you from some tough decisions. But please do feel free to nominate some games more than twice as it cuts down the amount of typing I have to do in order to get the poll up and running, and lets face it some games are so good you just want to have your name connected to them in one way or another. Once all the nominations are in, I check to see if they are all 1994, then type (cut and paste) them all into a poll and we vote, after about two weeks a winner is declared.

To make life easy for you, a full list of games released in 1994 can be found by searching HOL or by clicking Here

A few things to mention, by 1994 a few games were being reissued or re-released with some slight modification on CD32 and also as AGA versions, I would rather not have these types of games nominated as this (1994) isn’t their original year of release. The only circumstance I would change this is if there is an overwhelming view that the game has been modified to such a degree than it now constitutes a new game in all but its name. So if you are voting for an AGA or CD32 release just double check that the game isn’t a reissue/ re-released. Right, time to go and look up my nominations

(Exits stage left whistling)

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