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In primary school we had a Research Machines (RM) Nimbus a Intel 186 based PC, this was like 1985. In secondary school, there was a wide range of computers. The maths department had whole room full of RM 380Zs. BBC model Bs and Masters, plus a Acorn A3000 in the Design & Technology department. There was a single Atari ST in the music department for the obvious reason (if only Commodore weren't such cheapskates and put bloody MIDI ports on the Amiga, the ST wouldn't have been there! ) .
In the 6th form circa 1995, we were still using those bloody RM Nimbuses! (I would love to have one in the collection though...) There was a room full of new 386s, but I hardly got to use them and I wanted one after seeing the crisp graphics of Windows 3.1 on a SVGA monitor. I know... Suddenly my A1200 lost some of its magic that day...
Finally there was a 48K Spectrum in the "special needs" department... Being a C64 fan, it was quite satisfying knowing it was in that particular department.
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