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Ahhhh the smell of networking in the morning.... i was wondering why i woke up in a good mood lol...

tell ya what have you guys thought about the NEW LS120's i got two of the old ones (1 of them is in the windoze2k3 server here and one is in my miggy ) ) the new ones boast huge data store but i found 120MB seems damn efficent and its quick too....

then there is PARNET which i found agter sending a handfull of MP3's down the lead both miggy and or the PC would crash...

i got some luck with Miami DX and win 98 but it was an ardious 12 hour config process way back in 1999 *fecking gateways!!!!*

samba can be a lil turd when it dont wanna do something.. ( i have it running onlinux and i say it dont like windows environments...even though you set it up for it... lol )

This will help in the setting up if its any help to you

PC :


(point to itself if sharing inet connection or routers address of inet)


Gateway: gateway address same as on PC

Good Luck!!!!!
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