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Look's like that special offer has gone now. Not to worry, though, because I'm thinkin of buying a 1GB card for my GBA movie player and using it's current 512MB one for for Amiga.
Hehe, it looks like none of the emulators for the amiga need registering now. I tried getting a keyfile for amimastergear years back but I never got a response. Tihs should be great.

I've just ordered a CF-IDE and a 44-40 pin converter. The CF-IDE converter was actually cheaper to buy and ship from China than from the UK lol

It looks like my Amiga's working fine. I can't really test the floppy drive though because I don't have a bootable disk - I must have thrown out Workbench! I'm just hoping formatting and installing the CF with UAE works otherwise I'm screwed.

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