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WHDLoad questions

Originally posted by Minuous
Yes, I do see your point. Still, the fact that something happens to work on a real Amiga does not necessarily mean that it is 100% OS-legal.

My point was that when people write new installs, or upgrade existing installs, they should test these under WinUAE. I am willing to do this testing on their behalf.
I always test my installs under WinUAE or Fellow, but if it doesn't work what am I supposed to do? I sometimes see if it's an easy fix but both WinUAE and Fellow have the most useless debugging information. No useful "dump memory" option, no "skip PC to address $xxxxx", no "view mem at $xxxxx" etc. Usually the emulators get stuck in a loop waiting for some variable to change which doesn't happen on the Amiga. Do you expect me to recode the emulator for you or something?

In regard to 'cracked' versions, it would be good if installers were made which do work with the cracked versions. Because such versions are much more common than the vanilla originals.
Many of my ones do, but *only* if they are clean cracks. Some groups (no names!) decide to take a nice clean original and hack the game to bits, move code, put trainer code over memory, address crunch it etc. It's just not worth it.

I will give N.O.M.A.D's Yogi's Great Escape as one of the most badly cracked bugged piece of crap cracks I have EVER seen. He is usually so good at this lark but he must have been completely pissed when he butchered that game.

Anyone have the original so I can fix it properly?

For example, I have quite a few original games which I purchased, but since my Amiga has died, I can't transfer these. So I am forced to rely on what I can download.
Find a friend with an Amiga and get them to image them for you. You could also post a list of what you have (a legitimate list please, not a Marz Attakz style 10 page request of warez)...

Also some games seem to want the registered WHDLoad to work, I have this, and they still don't work! they still say they need registered WHDLoad! This is a bug in WHDLoad?
Put the key in S: or the directory where WHDLoad is (eg. C: dir) and it will find it. I suspect the key you have is old and/or cracked. Which games have you tried which complain about needing a registered WHDLoad?
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