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lol seems that i tapped out that post in post haste lol, i didn`t get to see the one you posted earlier shrubs, sorry about that...

just a quick note...

just bought
A CF to ide converter (£4.00 inc p&p) *ebay*
A 512CF card ( £20.00 inc p&p ) *deal of the day*

£24.00 total

the look on *Keropi's* face when i tell him the other method how much the other method costs...

....£120.00 +


At a fith of the cost, its faster to boot too AND its a cheap upgrade that one can mod on a regular basis...

transport disks (adfs etc to the native amiga and back again...)

sneaker-net extreme!!!! with 512MB of store..

on a PC that ain`t much.... on an AMIGA its damn near everything!!!!!!

* just some numbers
£45 2.5" IDE HDD (10/20GB)
£60 IDE INTERFACE (fast ATA 1200)
£15 P+P *estimate on £7.50 average per store.

happy shoping shoppers...

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