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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Not yet, but its a thought i am extremely thinking about lol....

But as a thought i wonder if its possible as a worse case scenario if WinUAE could perhaps format the CF card while attached to the PC ???? if so you could save so much time in setting up you amiga... lol

just get everything you want to run on it installed on WinUAE and then transpose the disk over to there....

getting a cf hd device and a cdrom to run could be a lil fun as the HD sets up the CDROMS landing zone (thats cyclic addresses) or sommink like that under the PC... i am unsure if the CF-converter can do that for the Miggy... technically it should as it treats the CF card as a transparent device for the HD controller for the native PC...

Anyways Shrub best of luck .....may the force be with you.....
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