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Ok, I think's all cleared up now. Thanks

I'd only have to run the CDROM drive the one time - I'll copy a load of C, libs, devs, blah blah blah, as well as Octamed Sound Studio and Personal Paint, and maybe some ADFs (if I can find them) to a CD from my PC, then use the CD on the Amiga's drive and copy it all to the 64MB card - which is enough. After that I wouldn't need the CD drive at all.

How much is an IDE interface? I've only seen the 4 IDE ones, and they're being sold at quite unreasonable prices on the "official" Amiga retailers.

I don't know if I'm pushing it's PSU to the limit already. I can power the CDROM drive from the PC. I shouldn't think the CF card would require much power - and with it installed I wouldn't need my Squirrel - I'm presuming they're about "pound-for-pound" when it comes to power comsumption. I think the Blizzard IV is one of the most power efficient '030s available too.
If I can't get 2 devices to work on IDE then I really need to get my SCSI CDROM drive sorted. I took it to bits a while back (it wasn't seeking properly) and can't remember where all the cables at the back go lol. I've mentioned this on the other prb.hardware forum (where this thread belonged lol). If I can get that working then I'd only have one drive on the IDE bus and that should be fine.

It is a good idea, shame it's not mine lol. I saw an article about booting PCs from 1GB USB drives, so I looked up articles on booting from CF, then found out about CF-IDE adaptors, then started looking for people who had done it with the Amiga.

Have you built/started building a CF equipped Amiga yet then? I saw somewhere that someone did it and their system booted up silently in less than 5 seconds! - Almost like creating a bootable RAM disk
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