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okay okay okay..... all sounds yummy ....



DONGLE = Device of some sort that is fan-dabi-dozie (see krankies for more detail)

One of those 44 to 40 pin converters are PERFECT for your needs however unless you have an specific IDE interface for the amiga you only get ONE ide chain which is unbuffered!! for instance yeah you could have two devices on ONE chain but as it is unbuffered it has a high level of chance in corrupting your data on either device.

this being said i did run my A12 with Hard disk and CDRW for the longest time but please be carefull i have seen and heard two many horror stories when it comes to amiga ide. my best advice would be for you to get the A1200 IDE interface if you wanna run more than one device...

Okay next Q.

Yeah even the native ide lines for the amiga have use a 3.5v + voltage for base current i believe (if not its gonna be close for that) if your CF doesn`t need it for the PC then it wont need it for the amiga so theres no problem there... the power is supplies right through the lines...

And next kinda Q.

If you need to you can suppliment the power requyire by the 4 pin molex (should you wish to run something that requires a lil more juice) from the disk drive.. split the lines there will be +5v 5vGnd (red and paired black) and 12v+ and 12vGnd (yellow and opposing black) i belive thats how its laid out to be honest a 2 second search on google should provide all the pin outs exactluy *wich i recomend before commencing any splicing of power for returing +12v on 5vGnd is not a good thing...*

okay lets see if i can do an diagram here for you..

a12 pinouts can be found

Mentioning pinout briefly not everything in life is either notched for fit or colour co-ordinated so PLEASE make sure that you have the correct pinout schematic for what ever product you bolt onto it.. I know the A12 ide is robust but a grounding 5 volts at 30+ watts are not nice amps for the CIA chips to handle (again be double sure

Okay this is all from memory so again double check EVERYTHING!!!!

If you need extra juice you can supliment from the floppy drive, Clock port and LED port ( pin outs i think you can get from the above link.. )

Last kinda Q;

Okay hmmm 2 one with miggy dos and the the other ms dos... hmm
its certainly possible but remember that without a buffered interface a copy of idefix97 would be dab handy and is free to download.... check out the links in the FAQ section of EAB

I have included a couple of pinout config thingys for your leasure

BTW CF Hard disk for miggy!!!! AWSOME IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just love it... considering i have been geeking out over it for the last few hours LOL

Good luck Shrubs!!!
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