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I can understand why they're so expensive, if there was more demand for Amiga hardware then prices will drop, but as it is it's only the ageing hippies of the .mod days who are hanging around lol. It's a shame.

I can't find "IDE fix dongle" on Google. I haven't even a clue what a dongle is to be honest lol.
There's a few 40 pin to 44 pin adaptors on eBay - I'm right in thinking these aren't "reversable", yeah?

ohoh, there's one 44 - 40 adaptor with a molex too. I'll need my flooppy drive, but it should be save to split that line into 2, yeah?

I'm a bit confused as to how a 40 pin device draws power. My PC's 3.5" harddisks have standard 4 pin molex that draw power directly from the PSU. I'm presuming there's another power line in the IDE cable itself, because none of these IDE-CF cards have other ways of powering. I probably should google this, but are the extra 4 pins on the 44 IDE; 5v, 12v, 5GND and 12GND?
I don't know if I'm explaining this right. a 3'5" drive uses 44s pins and a molex for power, and a 2/5" drive uses 44pins which include the necessary voltages, right? If the molex on the 44-40pin adaptor draws power from the Amiga's motherboard to a 3.5" drive, then would I need to use the floppy's molex at all - and seeing that the IDE-CF adaptor has no molex connector, so it's drawing power from a line in the 40pin cable already, yeah?

---I may as well ask here too: Will the old A1200's IDE controller support 2 IDE devices? If I can't get my SCSI drive working again then I'll consider using the spare IDE one I have as a slave to the CF card. If that doesn't work it looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of dog work with floppies.
Oh, yeah, it's a CDWR drive so will using generic CDRW drivers allow me to write to CD with it (Not that it's important anyway!)--

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