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Heys Shrub, yeah i am with you on the Overpriced Amiga kit, seems that every retailor wants to abuse the comminuty in my book...

ok on the orgianl A12 its 44pin (the last four pins are power pins) i am sure you can find a pinout on google in 5 mins...

the only thig is on an a12 the IDE port is unbuffered so please be carful (if ya got an ide fix dongle *again google is good* should not have any problems attaching the CF card dongle to it... but if i may i can recomemned another option....

on ebay (*ebay uk*) you can get a 2.5" 44pin TO 40pin (inc 4pin power molex) Board for under £10 including delivery... AWSOME me thinks... thus why i have 2 )))

okay plumb that onto your A12 (ya can rob power from your floppy drive on this one) and powerup the +5 on the molex and your CF should just be read as a normal disk on that chain... whoot says i, i may even consider it.... CF is really cheap and noiseless.... and *PORTABLE!!!!!* but more so... i got 256mb stick kicking arorund... hell i got a 512mb stick doing F to the ALL of nothing.... hmmm sensing project....

if ya need some diagrams... i could draw them for you no worries

Cool idea for a miggy )))) about time all that pointless PC muscle did something for the amiga scene....

okies Good Luck...

l8rs Z.
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