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Originally Posted by keropi
now that I remember, the AGA chipset on the walker was on a single chip, hence the speed increase...
Not true... take a look at the photos of the motherboard on this page

You'll see Walker had the STANDARD separate A1200 AGA chips.

# GAYLE - 391424-02, AA-GAYLE-R5, (CSG)
# ALICE - 391010-01, 8374-ALICE, AMIGA TECH, (?)
# BUDGIE - 391425-01, BUDGIE REV 0, (VLSI)
# LISA - 391227-01, 1XS6-LISA, (HP)
# PAULA - 391077-01, 8364R7PL, (CSG)
The only *real* thing that had any accelerated Amiga chipset (to my knowledge) was the BoXer2 created by Mick Tinker.

With the death of Commodore, supplies of AGA chips had dried up and so worrying about the future of his as yet unreleased Amiga Motherboard replacement Mick reversed engineered the AGA chips, at the same time removing some limitations, such as chip RAM and DMA. Of course he couldnt afford "real" chips and it was realised using an expensive FPGA.

Access Innovations (Mick Tinkers company) who created the BoXer also created the Amiga Siamese PCI card that also was never released.

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