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Originally Posted by Fenrir
I don't know why people love Dizzy games but well, I can't know everything :P. But amiga games on japanese consoles will be really hard, unless we can have a way to put emulators+games in a DS cartridge and make it work. It'd be the only reason for me to buy a DS too.
There are some emulators for the GBA available. There are a few NES emulators, but I don't think any of them support Elite just yet, but Lemmings and Dizzy work as far I know. Populous and Lemmings for the GB work on GBA emulators too (GB emulators are needed for flash carts). There's a SNES emulator too, but it's slow on the GBA, and SNES ports of Amiga games tend to be fluffy and too simple anyway (look at Synidcate, ThemePark, and Civilization, ) but, it's unlikely they'll ever be an Amiga emulator. Unless I can guilt-trip one of you lot to code one :P

There's some emulators for the DS, I think, but most are in the early stages. It supports the GBA emulators anyway

You'll be interested in the M3 movie player by GBAlpha for the DS if you're into emulation. It uses CF cards instead of the proprietry flash carts "back up" devices use, and it has movie playback, music (though, if this version doesn't have an mp3 decoder or something any songs played on it will have to use the GBA's terrible soundchip) and ebook read. I'm presuming, from their site, that the emulators for the M3 card use the GBA hardware and not the DS chip, unless there are some wokring emulators for the DS that I don't know about yet.
There's 2 older versions for the GBA that work on the DS too, but they don't have any inbuilt RAM so emulation is severely limited - only a modified version of Pocketnes and Goomba compiled with small GB roms work so far.
I have the M2 and I'm quite impressed with it, really, and only cost me £15. It's just a shame about the music playback. The M3 has 128MB of built in RAM apparently, so it's probable it'll have a decent sound chip too.

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