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Yes, I do see your point. Still, the fact that something happens to work on a real Amiga does not necessarily mean that it is 100% OS-legal.

My point was that when people write new installs, or upgrade existing installs, they should test these under WinUAE. I am willing to do this testing on their behalf.

In regard to 'cracked' versions, it would be good if installers were made which do work with the cracked versions. Because such versions are much more common than the vanilla originals.

For example, I have quite a few original games which I purchased, but since my Amiga has died, I can't transfer these. So I am forced to rely on what I can download.

Also some games seem to want the registered WHDLoad to work, I have this, and they still don't work! they still say they need registered WHDLoad! This is a bug in WHDLoad?
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