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Originally Posted by alexh
I dont believe that your crappy old PC ever ran UAE at 100% speed. WinFellow maybe. In addition there have been a lot of changes to the UAE core since then all of which have increased CPU overhead.
Yeah actually you are right, now I think about it, it was Fellow that I used. UAE ran OK but Fellow was a lot better.

Erm... that's cos the CPU was drawing the screen on your 100MHz PC. The PSP's hardware renderer is now drawing the screen. If you'd had a Voodoo1 + miniGL driver in that PC then those games would have flown.
Yes thats true, but if Fellow ran (not using any graphic card for any help) at full speed (and it ran perfect for me) on my 100mhz PC then an Amiga emulator running at a decent speed is more than possible on the PSP.

I don't care if it is UAEpsp or a port of Fellow or new one from ground up.

I'm not arguing that there are no problems to overcome only that it can be done.

Not sure why you all wannabe so negative about it. It's not like I'm saying it will be easy or that they could do a perfect Sega Saturn emulator or anything. I'm just looking at it with a hopefull mind to getting a decent Amiga emu in the next year for PSP.

PSPuae 0.3 is an awesome start even just as an example of what can be done. The emu scene for PSP is 3 months old and we already have an Amiga emu running at about 60% (the author claims 80% but that is an exagerated estimate in my mind). Great work and a positive start.
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