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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Cool Not what Amiga you have... HOW MANY do you have..

Surely that poll should be (how many amiga's do you own LOL ), I have three, all initially A12's but Tower'ed or better...

*sorry i couldn`t help it....

primary amiga is a Base A12 with the following

a Z3 Buss board
Prelude 16 bit snd card (clock port version)
!0Mbit Network Card
CV64-3D Graphics
Flicker Fixer
A1260 CPU (was 50Mhz Clocked to 66 *NICE )
64MB FastPage (72Pin EDO 40Ns Memory)
IDE Interface

4GB SeaGate HDD
2GB WesterDigital HDD
CDRW 4x4x16
TruVison 24Bit Scanner
Citizen Swift ABC Printer (Still Works LOL)
17"SVGA Monitor
15 CBM1048 MultiSync
A4000 Keyboard
Original Mouse

And its all wraped up in a very special box....
where i used to work (about 10 years ago) they had an old (pre 1990)
Cat3000 Server..... it was old.... and some what beaten... but these beasties are BIG!!!!!

well lets just say out with the old and in with the new...after a bit of Dremel action.. out goes the Dual 486 SX 25's and gudgins and in with the more important and *USEFULL* components MY AMIGA.....

the other two amiga's i aquired along the way as friends sold them on for PC's or Consoles.... and i ninja'd right on upto 2001 with my Amiga before turning to the dark side and finally building my own PC... (it was unreal torneament that did it...)

(second thing i installed on that PC was an amiga emulator btw LOL)

Funny how life takes you....

I now have a network in the my house of 5 Windoz Pc's 1 Laptop, 1 linux box..... damn i hate PC's... to simple..... lol

anyways..... interesting how the polling showes most had A12's .... mind you..... it was a damn fine computer..... even before upgrading...

anyways.... Got WinUAE .... runnig on this blistering PC i built... its almost as good as my Amiga... (its off line and in the shed... had to dismantle PSU problems... and not enought time.... *3 years ago.....* sad huh.... ) well anyways i have been looking for a decent Amiga Forum from the UK.... so here i am ... Hello fellow Amiganaughts.... look forward to reading your posts soon

l8rs Z.
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