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Originally Posted by parabolee
Currently the PSP UAE is at 3.1 and is running very nice. Great compatibility for such an early version.

I just hope the dev can get the speed up high enough to run full speed with a frameskip of 2 or less.

Right now I am seeing a frame skip of 8 while playing most games during graphical movment sections (ie not menu's).

It Came From the Desert (my all time favorite game) is pretty playable though.

I wish the guy had more help but so far it's just him. Any coders here who can help him out?

His website is here but it is often down (You can pull up the cached verion on google though) -

Message Board is always up though -
U mean v0.31 not v3.1!!!! And a frameskip of 8 sounds VERY slow.... and since the PSP is clocked up to 333mhz its not gonna get much faster. I think my original plan of a PDA/Phone with VGA etc and 520mhz CPU which clocks to 720Mhz will do a better job!
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