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Currently I have:

1x A500 with 1MB Chip RAM hack performed by me with a carving knife in the early 90's and a dead matrix in the keyboard - otherwise is ok. (My very first amiga and it is in a box in a cupboard)
2x CD32's (1 with a dead cd-rom drive)

I addition I have also owned at one time or another:

A2000HD w/2x A2091, A2630 Accel Card, A2052 x2, A2386 PC Bridgeboard & PC Gfx Card
A2500 w/A2091 and A2630 Accel Card, A2320 Flicker Fixer & Network Card
A3000D Kick 1.4 (Super Kickstart)
A3000D Kick 2.04
A4000D w/CS MK 1 40MHz 040, C= A4091 Card, CyberVision 643D
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