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I think that there is no way of fooling the emulator without real 1541 attached!
Surely not! Anyhow, what would be the gain if you *were* able to fool it? Load C64 games then? Nah! Don't even remotely think of that to work; instead, try to think "Amiga" and thus be aware that you will at least have a (pseudo) .device driver that can handle C64 disk images etc.
The crucial point is that the *emulator* waits for data from serial port if you type LOAD "$",8 or anything of that sort on emulator's side. So if you do want to make it load game images, you must write your own driver. 100% sure that on the real thing, there's no way to circumvent this; on the emulator, you could write a pseudo driver too that replaces serial.device (compare to uaehf.device for harddisks!). Or ... or ...

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