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An excellent site - thoroughly enjoyed listening to many of the remixed tunes.

By far my favourite is deadly cookie's music, as he's kept the timing, sound and feel of the originals.

Many of the others I'm not so impressed with. In my opinion, they've gone a bit over top adding personal touches, changing the timing (which makes many of them sound just plain wrong), drowning out lead instruments, overcomplicating the arrangements and the overall result is they've killed the feel of the originals.

I'm also a little surprised at people's choices as to what to remix so far - many classic tunes haven't been covered - 80% are lesser known titles.

I'm perhaps missing the point of tunes termed "remixes" (implying they are meant to sound different), but I'd like to see some more releases along the lines of deadly cookies work. In other words "updates" to the originals, with more powerful better quality instruments but the leaving the spirit of the classic version intact and recognisable.
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