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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Sure talented individuals with drive who coded for the fun of it while the Amiga was in its prime could put out decent material. The thing is younger people from my perspective do not invest the time to do proper coding on older platforms, while the people who had knowledge of them are now much older with families and don't have the time. The homebrew stuff I see are console related (porting games to the dreamcast as an example). There are exceptions to everything and I am sure a few decent games will come out now and then.

Another thing is when I grew up computers were new and cool so people liked to try coding (I made some stuff for my Timex 2068). These days with the dotcom implosion and outsourcing kids are steered away from programming in general, its not cool anymore.
Well I'm young and I'm learning to program the Amiga! Working on a horizontal-scrolling shoot-em-up at the moment.

But then I guess I'm an exception sadly.

There certainly seems to be a busier C64/Spectrum scene in comparison doesn't there?
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