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Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
Looking for a good wargame?
I strongly recommend to you

As it was coded by real Amiga Sceners and makes good maximum use of Paula, Agnus and Denise!

You can build a Castle in this game by casting one of the many 'Wall' spells and arranging the walls how you want. Some types of walls are stronger than others and so forth.

Another way to build a castle is to cast a 'Magic Castle' spell! Really Then your wizard (your main character, you) can enter the Castle and be heavily protected from enemy fire.

Or you can cast a Dark Citadel which is like a Magic Castle but also gives you the ability to hit undeads.

Or you can cast a Shadow City which is really the ultimate one that I have found. It is constructed with powerful evil majix such that it actually IS undead! If you put your wizard inside it then NOTHING can hurt you! Except other undeads of course. But it would take zombies and ghouls and ghosts a long time to break down a Shadow City.

I am fairly certain that there is more tactical planning in Total Chaos AGA than in any other Amiga game as there are several hundred different monsters and magic spells. Maybe over a thousand. There are literally MILLIONS of things you can do.

There is a sneaky trick you can do. The evil CPU wizards controlled by the 68060 will do this trick also, they are very smart! Ok the trick usually works like this: You have a Weak Wall spell. This spell has infinite range and does not need LOS. Put the mousepointer over the spell and press 'c' (for Cast) if you don't believe me. It will hilite every open square on the gameboard!!! Weak Wall is the only type of Wall that has infinite range.

Ok so you get 6 pieces of wall with the Weak Wall spell so just look for any enemy Wizard who is up against the edge of the map, or already partly surrounded by Rocks, Walls, Trees or other inanimate objects. Now cast your Weak Walls around that wizard and he will be blocked in!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! He won't be able to summon any monsters because there are now no open adjacent squares!!!!

Oh crap, why did I tell you such a good trick? Now you will use it against me! Oh that's ok I know lots more tactics besides that one so I'll get you in the end!

Its a very fun game. Really this game is the only reason I still own/use a real Amiga cause I play it 5 times a week! And 1 or 2 times a week with friends. The gameplay never gets old. Its a blast!

See screenshots and download it here

Read about it here

and here

Is this game available in ADF format please?
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