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posted by chuckles
Wow! I wonder how long you would have played if you had been stoned! [IMG]images/smilies/laughing.gif[/IMG]
I was around 13 years old.......hehe, now that I'm a bit older, I'll give it a shot tonight and let you know I just got a nice big bag 'o green AK47 as well

posted by thinlega
It is such a shame this game turned out to be poo......the IDEA was great! It could have been so much more!!
Yep, I'll give it that, the idea had potential.

posted by dreamkatcha
It oozed quirkiness, style and playability. I feel so strongly about this I'm prepared to fight you over it... to the death if necessary. Unguard!!

Ok, ok. Perhaps I was wrong. I will go and play this again tonight and see if my memories are skewed. (If I find they weren't though, get that sword ready!)
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