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Woo, here's a list I made of Amiga games I like and dislike.

Thumbs up:

1. Dragon's Breath - I once played this for 36hrs straight
2. Lords of the Realm - Great Empire Management, addictive
3. Escape from Colditz - Best game of it's type ever made!
4. Exile - Astounding, original, freeform, fiendishly hard, wicked
5. BAT - Clunky interface but great adventure
6. Bloodwych - Just something soo addictive about this one
7. Captive - Remotely-controlled robots are sexy
8. Cadaver - Lovely isometric fun, very underrated
9. Carrier Command - Awesome multi-vehicle control system
10. Dreamweb - A refreshingly adult theme
11. First Samurai - Graphics all stealable via Dpaint
12. Space Crusade - Gotta love Space Marines with big guns
13. Nebulus - Lovely and original platformer, charms me to this day
14. New Zealand Story - Cutest platform game ever made
15. Ports of Call - Who didn't spend weeks glued to this? Anyone?
16. Powermonger - Whoever above said it was boring, well I think you were missing something!
17. Special Forces - I had so much fun with this squad-based game
18. Settlers - Fantastic, I played this so much that I used to dream about it. I hated all the sequels though.
19. Rick Dangerous 1 & 2 - So much character in these wonderful little platformers
20. KGB - A brilliant, involved, complex and unforgiving mystery.

Thumbs down:

1. Walker - Great fun at first, but gets very boring very fast
2. Utopia - So much potential, but badly executed
3. Superfrog - Tries too hard. Creepy, a bit like the Crazy Frog
4. Skidmarks - How many disks? How much RAM needed? For this?
5. Rise of the Robots - Steaming pile of tosh
6. Moonshine Racers - Horrid, horrid, horrid
7. Last Ninja Series - Could have been so much fun too, but really badly executed
8. Desert Strike - boooooorrrrriiiiiiing. nice gfx though
9. Chubby Gristle - Someone actually built this game up to me, and then I found out it was the most poorly made platform game I'd ever played
10.Knightmare - I almost liked this. For awhile.
11.Jaguar XJ220 - Felt rushed. Not a patch on Lotus Turbo Challenge
12.HeroQuest - Just didn't work as well as it's sister Space Crusade
13.Gloom - Utter crap, but this opinion may have been aided by the fact I played Doom on the PC before I played this
14.Epic - They spent so much time on the graphics, they left out the game!
15.Cool Spot - Just...sucked. Nice animation in parts though.
16.Bart vs the Space Mutants - Only one Simpsons game has ever been good. And it was made a long time after the Amiga became retro
17.Akira - Great film, arse game
18.A-Train - Just play Simcity2000 instead!
19.The Addams Family - Aren't most movie tie-in platform games crap?
20.Batman - See Addams Family comment

I could go on for ages, for both lists, but I think I should really get some work done now........

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