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Originally Posted by Damage
64 Emulator II - this could be the one your talking about dunno where you can get it though
In the zone.
Note that none of both TOSEC versions were 100%. File "c1541" had errors on blocks 517++ (complete cyl 23 was corrupt). But good ol' Fortuna jumped in: cyl 23 contains the data for an empty .D64-like image file! So I could just fix the (Amiga) track structure / block chain with no data loss! For a test, I copied "c1541" to "test.D64" and loaded it in WinVICE! No errors -- showed 664 blocks free. All right. The unused half of the disk has been reformatted to gain another +80kB when zipping.-


Anyhow, this one can only be used reasonably with a REAL Commodore 1541 floppy drive attached to a real Amiga! On load, it will look for a serial.device!
LOAD "$",8 on the emulator revealed ?DEVICE NOT PRESENT ERROR.
So there's no 1541 emulation implemented; the emulator waits for data from a real 1541.

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