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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW
Well, have tried a64 on my bare 500, but it seems that needs 1mb of ram minimum, as with my 512k it tells me an memory insufficient error.
I have read in a page reviewing c64 emus for amiga that it only needs 500k,so i think that if i manage to free some memory and boot with the minimum should at least boot. Will try next day, as my floppy drive seems to need a clean. Will post the results here.
Perhaps the most recent version of A64 required 1Mb ram? The docs should tell you what the minimum specifications are.

Yeah, i have noted your suggestions on the expansions, but the hard part is finding them, but i will keep searching. I want to make a powerfull and killer a500!!!.
It's probably easier to find a GVP A530 than a Viper 520CD, even in Europe. Probably the best accelerator that GVP ever made and it doesn't use that expensive, custom 64 pin ram that they manufactured either.

Frodo and magic needs at least a expanded a500(68020 or higher) and more ram. I not discard this way as soon i get the 500 accelerated. On the 1200 those emus perform very well, but as i said earlier, i want it on the 500!!
IIRC A64 has problems (gurus?) on 020 and above. Magic64 will work nicely on an A500/030, but might be a bit slow on 020. Forget using Frodo on anything below 040/060. Frodo's a CPU hog.....even on 040 it's a bit slow from memory.
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