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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Eek Homebrewers Rule da Scene 4ever!

Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Homebrew sounds like beer making to me.

Anyway the people with decent knowledge of the platforms listed have mostly quit devekoping for them, leaving a few part time hobbyists to play with them. Besides a few ports noting new (worth playing) is going to be made.
I strongly disagree with your last sentence sir.

Total Chaos AGA isn't a port of anything AND it is worth playing AND it is the best turn based strategy game ever conceived by the human mind AND its an Amiga Original game that does not exist for any other platform AND it is produced by 100% Amiga sceners using top-secret Homebrew(tm) technology AND the current version was recognized as being better than anything the PC currently has to offer in a recent issue of Retro-Gamer Magazine.

Being a homebrew Amiga Sceners game actually allows it to be Above and Beyond Commercial Quality.
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