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TCP/IP Stack

I've just bought myself a PCMCIA wireless NIC for my A1200 so that I'll be able to transfer disk images to my Amiga to WHDLoad without having to use slow cables. The problem is, I now need a TCP/IP stack. Which is the best one? Most programs seem to be compatible with Miami, but as I understand it Miami needs to be registered and keys can't be obtained anymore. I'm not bothered about the difficulty of setting up the stack. Are there any decent free TCP/IP stacks ot is there a way I can get a key for Miami?

Also, what would be the best way to transfer files to my Amiga? I could just set up and FTP server on my PC or Amiga but I was wondering if there was a Samba client. That would make it much easier. I don't use Windows on my desktop so Amiga Explorer is out of the question really.
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