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X-Box is the most PATHETIC piece of console EVER created. It will be the first frigging time a console locks up. I mean, not even overly hacked alpha demos of previous console games lock up. BWAHAHAHAHA that will taech them, but, unluckily, they will sell a lot. Kids just will be blinded by the specs and graphics, and all that shite.

I hope the GC kicks MS ass, seriously. Even the PS2@, while I don't like it, I hope it kills MS for good. SOMEONE must teach Bill Gates a lesson.

And about that Sonic Advance pic.... AMAZING! Shame on the Sonic sprite, his new look sucks arse. I hope it plays good, but I know I will be blindingly buying the game. I love Sonic Pocket Adventure on the NGPC, and I don't think this version could be any worse.
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