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@Dr. Bong
Well, have tried a64 on my bare 500, but it seems that needs 1mb of ram minimum, as with my 512k it tells me an memory insufficient error.
I have read in a page reviewing c64 emus for amiga that it only needs 500k,so i think that if i manage to free some memory and boot with the minimum should at least boot. Will try next day, as my floppy drive seems to need a clean. Will post the results here.
@Mr. a500
Yeah, i have noted your suggestions on the expansions, but the hard part is finding them, but i will keep searching. I want to make a powerfull and killer a500!!!.
Frodo and magic needs at least a expanded a500(68020 or higher) and more ram. I not discard this way as soon i get the 500 accelerated. On the 1200 those emus perform very well, but as i said earlier, i want it on the 500!!
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