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Smile EAB 3.5 launched

Welcome to the latest version of the English Amiga Board !
This release will unveiled some longtime asked features, I hope you will enjoy them !
  • AJAX Integration
    AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) allows your browser to send data to and receive data from a server without reloading the current page. This technology, whose use is being pioneered by Google, allows developers to create rich, fast-responding interactive pages.
    For example, you can try using quick reply with recent browser (FireFox, Opera, IE6)
  • Database-Based Thread and Forum Read Marking
    Yes, it's finally here! Now, instead of using cookies and inactivity timeouts to determine what should be considered unread versus read, EAB will be able to track this via the database. (over a period of 10 days)
    Individual threads will be considered as read only if you read them.
    Also, as soon as you will have read all threads in a forum, it's light bulb will go out; no need to visit the forum list!
  • Filter some Forums from "Show Unread Posts"
    You are now able to select certain Forums you do not want to appear on Show Unread Posts.
    To remove the forums you don't want, simply go at the end of your user panel options.
  • Whole new Message Editor
    This new editor has more extensible code, more features and should be quite a bit faster (especially for IE)
  • Inline Moderation for moderator
    EAB 3.5 now includes a comprehensive inline moderation system. Moderators can now manage threads and posts wherever the threadbit or postbit is displayed, and this even includes search results! Actions include stick/unstick, open/close, delete/undelete, approve/un-approve, move and merge.
    Global Moderators are also back, you should contact them if you have any problem over the board
  • Javascript Issues
    As EAB 3.5 contains some fairly extensive changes to various javascript systems, you should have to empty your caches or do hard-refreshes from time to time to make sure that you have the latest javascript code.
Best regards to all
Long life at the amiga community !
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