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Originally Posted by Galaxy
C: is usually assigned to system2.x:c, system3.x:c or dh0:c (not work:c) if you are running a standard workbench 2 or 3 setup, which I think is what lopos2000 was getting at. If work: is you main (or only) partition then c: is probably assigned to work:c - but this is not the standard setup.

Also, it might be worth checking your startup-sequence and user-startup (in the s: directory of your system/boot partition) to see where c: is being assigned.

And you are *sure*that you can get the information from there??
ISTR that *solely* non-standard assigns will be put in startup-sequence.
All others are built-in and I reckon that the best way to find out assigns is to use the command assign in CLI with no parameters at all.
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