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Can't see how it would be Individual Computer's fault since they're not web masters for Vesalia et al. If a hardware manufacturer hasn't delivered a product to retailers within 1.5-2 years of a proposed release date, then you'd think retailers would have enough sense to remove that product from their website (never mind actually charge customers for a product that hasn't been released!). Jens Schoenfeld has delivered quite a high proportion of Amiga (and more recently C64) products in recent years. The fact that he still designs and manufactures such high quality hardware for "dead" platforms (and provides after-sales support) is a testament to his love for the C= platforms. Few others have showed dedication to such dwindling markets.

I have to say that Vesalia is at fault for your situation. They charged you money for a product in the first place that hadn't been released at the time of ordering and then didn't refund it when it was plainly obvious that they weren't able to supply it to you. The fact that you never asked for your money back is interesting given that you're complaining about losing it here. Vesalia, although being a one-man operation, has a history in the last few years of doing things like not refunding for faulty products and charging for vapourware products, particularly with overseas customers. Do a search of the newsgroups or Amiga forums and you'll find enough evidence of it. It's the very reason why I've never ordered from Vesalia (not to mention that they usually take ages to deliver outside Europe). I know that in the past when I've ordered products from dealers like Software Hut that they haven't had stock of, they've informed me and asked whether I wanted to back-order it. They didn't go ahead and charge for stock they didn't have, which is what makes them a reputable dealer and sets them apart from dodgier Amiga dealers like Vesalia. I've been burned once or twice by Amiga dealers in the past.....but you live and learn, otherwise you end up being quite a bit poorer and frequently angry and upset.
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