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Total Chaos AGA is fun!
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Originally Posted by Tommy K
In the prototype version the playing screen was simply on 1 screen with no scrolling, like bomberman. The full version was designed to be a bigger playing field but didn’t work as well in my opinion. As far as I am aware, this version (Total Chaos) is in keeping with the prototype version (just 1 screen).
Yes Total Chaos AGA keeps the entire battlefield on 1 screen which was a brilliant design decision IMHO as it allows one to focus on the strategy and tactics without mucking about continuously scrolling the screen around.

Also the coder made some SPLENDIDLY fantastic improvements to the gameplay... so much so that the Amiga Chaos is infinitely better playable and replayable than speccy chaos ever was.

Originally Posted by Tommy K
There is another game further up the page called ChaosHeavy, I have no idea if this is part of the same game/family.
ChaosHeavy is the oldskool 1980's 64 color version of Amiga Chaos. Forget that version. You want to dl TotalChaosAGA.lha which is the 1990s AGA 256 color version. AFAIK it is still being developed today.

Here is an English fansite for the game with infos and screenshots and so on.

Its a great game and I love it.
A true Amiga Classic!
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