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Nobody bitches, it's pretty cool, but please don't claim it is near full speed etc when it is evidently not.

I am still waiting the framerate for turrican 2, or beast or whatever that actually pushes the amiga hardware.

Even with 21 posts , you should be able to notice those posts have different text.

But let's not make this petty: yuo are very happy with the slowish amiga emulation that psp can proivde you, good for you. I however like Beast or Battle Squadron running at 50 frames per second, and now for fact that unless the game code is hacked the cpu power provided by the psp is just not enough to properly emulate those with all effects displayed, like sprite multiplexing and sprite dma re-use. It's not about living in caves, but wishful thinking vs hardware reality.

psp2 will run amiga emulators fine, psp can't unless they sell a better hardware under the same name.
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