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you can say what you want, i am pretty sure we will see a running A500 emulation at fullspeed on the PSP..

I still remember the first days of WinUAE when everybody said "No Way there will never be a Amiga Emulation that works" - some month later WinFellow came out and it run more or less fullspeed on my P1-233mhz system or was it my PI-133.

i dont want a fully Amiga emulation on PSP - No need for me to run a Workbench 3.0 with Picasso to surf the net via Aweb.. I am just happy with basic A500 emulation, just to play some good old classics. And i am nearly 100% sure this is possible on PSP. I am very surprised about how great the very FIRST version of this port already runs. I played Rick Dangerous, with sound and it ran nearly "perfect" with a frameskip of 2.

We will see, maybe you guys are right and it never will run at acceptable speed for all games, but atleast someone is trying and i am very glad about that !

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