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I was wondering those links will be helpfull and they does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really great!!!!!
For the best burner software i think it's FireBurner for CD32 images (ISO+MP3, RAW or ISO)
It's the only one program (i think!!) that allow you to burn at 1X speed whith any CD recorder
And it's usefull when you've got an old CD32 which has read many and many CDs cause the lens is often used
Nero will do the same but allow you the lowest burning speed at 4X (i'm not sure i'm right)
If you're not able to read those CD's in your CD32 whenever you've burn it at 1X speed, just try to adjust the voltage of the CD32 laser lens.
It will be helpfull to read CDR....
Just search on aminet "CD32 lens" to read the how to.....


Edit: Deaths Head, in how many time have you got the ISO file from my website???? ( it's just to know my really bandwidth )

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