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I bought every issue from #3 (first one to make it to Australia) onwards...

Good thing I didn't subscribe though...because I suspect I won't be wanting "digital"...biggest problem of AmigActive was that they had too much stuff which really had nothing at all to do with the AmigaDE, let alone the AmigaOS. I would have rather they had more detailed reviews/tutorials/etc. instead of wasting space on some of the "NextGen Watch" crap. Bloody vapourware. If they have reduced AmigaOS content still further, that's the end for me, I'm not paying $18 for a couple of pages at most of AmigaOS content. There was heaps of good things they could have used the pages for, I would even have preferred more of the "retro" stuff if that's all they could fill the pages with.

What do others think?
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