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Originally Posted by manicx
BTW, all those emulators so far are written without the psp sdk. Not sure if developing with the sdk will improve things and if yes by how much.
That is a myth, to prevent legal hassles and keep the masses happy.
Most scene releases are written by either industry workers, or people who have friends within the industry with access to the sdk.
Only a few people really make programs without the sdk, but you won't get very far with that, your stuff will be very shoddy compared to anyone else's.
It is just the untold rule of the scene that if you have the sdk, you say you do not, and if you don't you don't ask for it publicly.
if you don't keep the rules you'll be flamed for being a lamer by all the people who actually do have the sdk.
If they say they have it is just unwanted attention, so everyone is happy with the hypocrisy and outsiders without a clue about software development and the knowledge of how complex any of the recent hardware is fall for it.

After a while - once the core scene members are bored with being l337 - the inner circle releases the sdk they have had access to for months/years.

For the record: the psp sdk is out and no I don't know how to find, where, when etc. - I just say this to comply with the unwritten rules

This is how the console scene works, since the dreamcast days (not counting the hacker scene of mgd and snes which was mostly just profit making via "backups").
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