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Toxic .... there were some important reaseons why a few of the pna cracks didnt work right
Yes, i was a member of pna and company and therefore i know, what was going on 1990/1991 in the pirate scene.
Paranoimia had the best quality crackers of the scene.
Kontrasoft, PC Ltd. , Eurosoft and others and it is not very easy
to cordinate cracking 15 titles in one week. All groups in every time had buggy cracks or bad crackers and in my opinion pna was not the most worst.

Talking about legendary Quartex i only can say, that the first qtx crew had a lot good guys, but later Quaterx turned into a bunch of lamers and wannabes trying to dominate the scene again like in 1989. Qtx were not very respected by lotsa crews in the scene , because of there unbelievable arrogance.

so stop talking about things you can not understand!!
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